• How to save images and videos

    Wookmark is all about saving images and videos. Any image or video you save will be accessible under your profile page. You can save images and videos that are already on Wookmark, or you can save new ones to Wookmark from other websites.

    To save on Wookmark, simply click the "+" icon next to the image or video. It will be saved to your account, and you'll have the option to add it to groups if you want to.

    To save from other websites, install the Wookmark button in your browser. Find out how in the how-to guide.

  • Liking vs. Saving

    Liking is a good way show to your appreciation. Saving, on the other hand, is when you want to keep something in your profile, and/or add it one of your groups. So you might like an image of a cool sneaker, but you don't really care about referencing it later, so you decide to click "Like". As with other features, feel free to use them as it suits you.

  • How to embed Wookmark images on your website

    You can either embed a single image from Wookmark, a whole group, or your whole profile.

    To embed a single image, got to an image page, click "Share" and then "Embed". You should see an embed code that you can copy into your website or blog.

    To embed a group or your profile, visit the group or profile page. In the box in the top left corner, you should see a small "Embed" link. Click it for detailed instructions.

  • Problems saving images or videos

    Sometimes images or videos from other websites can't be saved for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, website owners do not allow us to save them, sometimes there are complex technical reasons. If you encounter issues, please let us know. We are continuously monitoring new content saved to Wookmark, and also continuously improving our code to make it as powerful as possible.

  • Inappropriate content

    All content on Wookmark is added by our users, so it is natural that there is a very diverse mix. While we try to restrict as little as possible what is added to allow you to express yourself, we do draw a line at pornography, extreme grossness, violence, etc. We rely on you to help moderate the site, and also moderate ourselves. Here's how it works.

    Not safe for work (NSFW)
    Some people use Wookmark at work or other public settings. As a courtesy, images that could be problematic in these situations should be marked NSFW. You can do this by adding a note that contains the term "NSFW". Please also add an explanation, such as "NSFW due to nudity". This is great for images such as a beautiful fashion shot that reveals a slight bit too much skin (explicit sexual content is still not acceptable and should be flagged, see below).

    Images that need to be reviewed by us should be flagged. Several options are available, such as explicit content, copyright infringement, etc. The "Flag image" option can be found alongside the options on image pages and in the lightbox. Use this option for images that simply should not be on Wookmark at all.

    This is something we do internally. Websites or users that continuously post inappropriate content or spam will be blacklisted, which hides them from most pages on Wookmark. We will then reach out to the blacklisted user to discuss our content policy. This is an extreme measure and we sincerely hope we don't have to blacklist much.

    Deleting accounts
    Our last measure for spam accounts and people who don't comply with our guidelines even after we talk to them.

  • How to make images private

    To make an image private, simply save it into a private group. Keep in mind that when you save an image into multiple groups, and one of them is public, then your image is also public.

  • How to upload imagesPlus

    Image privacy As a Wookmark Plus user you will see an extra "Upload images" option in the site header.

    If you upload images that you have not created, please be respectful of potential copyrights.

  • How to add an image to your Dropbox accountPlus

    Save an image to DropboxIf you are a Wookmark Plus member, and have your Dropbox account linked to Wookmark, you will see a Dropbox button in the save screens and pop-ups. Click it to instantly save the image to your Dropbox account.

    If you download images you have not personally created, please make sure to respect the respective authors copyrights. If you don't plan to use images for commercial use, you are most likely good to go, but it's always good to double-check.


  • What are groups?

    Groups are great for organizing your images, for personal interests, hobbies and work projects. Think of a group as an empty canvas that's for you to fill with whatever sparks your interest. You can keep groups public or private, and invite others to contribute if you'd like.

  • How to create groups

    You can create groups from several places. You can always create a group from the menu in the top-right corner of the navigation bar. This gives you the full group options available.

    There's also an option in the Groups dropdown in the top navigation (look for the little + in a circle). Whenever you save an image, you'll see the same icon in your list of groups. These two options will show a small popup to quickly create a group.

  • How to rename a group

    Go to the group's page, and click the "Group settings" button at the bottom of the box in the top left corner. In those settings, you can rename the group. Renaming a group will not break any links to it.

  • How to make a group private

    Visit the group settings page, by clicking the "Group Settings" button on the groups overview page. You will see checkboxes to switch the groups privacy setting. Private groups can only be seen by you, and any group members you have invited. In collaborative groups, only the group creator can change privacy settings.

  • How to invite others to a groupPlus

    Visit the group settings page, by clicking the "Group Settings" button on the groups overview page. If you are a Wookmark Plus user, you will see a section labelled "Contributors". Enter the name of somebody you follow on Wookmark, or somebody who follows you. When you see their name in the auto-complete dropdown, click it. Once you press "Save changes" below, we send email invites to the people you added. If they decide to join your group, you will also receive an email notification. Please note that only the group creator can access the group settings page. So only the group creator can add members, delete the group, etc.

  • How to archive a groupPlus

    Archiving is useful for groups you no longer actively use. Archived groups are only accessible from your profile page, and are not shown in the group list when saving images.

    To archive a group, visit the group settings page, by clicking the "Group Settings" button on the groups overview page. If you are a Wookmark Plus user, you will see checkboxes to switch the groups archival setting. Make your choice, and click "Save changes".

  • How to download all images in a groupPlus

    Image privacyIf you are a Wookmark Plus member, you will see the option to download images in the group as .zip archives.

    If you have linked your Dropbox account to Wookmark (via the respective page in your account settings), you will also see an extra option to sync the group with your Dropbox account. This process will instantly sync, and may take a few minutes for large groups .

    If you download images you have not personally created, please make sure to respect the respective authors copyrights. If you don't plan to use images for commercial use, you are most likely good to go, but it's always good to double-check.

  • How to print a groupPlus

    Sometimes you want to print out images without all the visual elements of the website. To do so, visit your group page. At the bottom of the info box in the top left, are your group options. Click the "Print" button, to open the print-friendly page.

  • How to delete a group

    Go to the group's page, and click the "Group settings" button at the bottom of the box in the top left corner. In those settings, you can rename, or delete the group. When you delete a group, the images will remain saved under your account - they just won't be grouped anymore.


  • What is "Following"?

    Your "Following" page shows images only from the users, groups and sources you follow. It's a great way to use Wookmark, since you can tune in to what you care about, and ignore the rest. To get started, go to the page of a user, group, or source, and click the "Follow" button in the top left. You can always unfollow others, so don't hesitate to play with "Following" until you find your sweet spot.

  • How to follow people, groups and sources

    Every user, group and source has it's own page where you can see all a full profile and all images saved. The box in the top left corner is a profile that also includes a "Follow" button. Click the button to view all images from that user, group, or source in your "Following" page.


  • Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

    Say hi on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We're happy to hear tips on how to improve the site, help you with bugs and other problems you are facing, and hear how you use the service. Reach out.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Use the left and right arrows keys to go the the next or previous image. Press "F" to enter full screen mode (on modern browsers only).

    After activating the bookmarklet, you are shown a grid of images to save. Normally, clicking an image will hide the grid. Hold the "Shift" key down while clicking an image, to keep the grid visible. This makes it easy to save multiple images quickly.

    Image grid
    Press "s" to fade out all images you have already saved on the current page. This is especially useful on your "Following" page to avoid having to check for each image if you have already saved it. You can also press "i" to hide the text under the images so you get a nice clean page full of beautiful imagery.

    Quick group navigation
    Press "g" to load an overlay that shows a list of all your groups. This helper is great for quickly navigating without needing to access your profile page.

    Groups page
    Press "j" to switch between the cover and grid views of the group tiles.

  • Linking your Dropbox accountPlus

    Dropbox is a service for backing up your files online, and between your computers. Our integration with Dropbox let's you sync your images on Wookmark, so can instantly have them on your computer. As a Wookmark Plus you will see an extra "Dropbox" page in your settings to link your accounts.

  • Tags

    Wookmark automatically analyzes images and tags them. This is great for finding images for different areas of interest. Overall, this works great, but please forgive if some tags are more funny than useful, our computers are still learning. On a more positive note, maybe this slight randomness is another way to find more inspiration in surprising and unexpected ways. What do you think?

  • How to use your Wookmark images as a screen saver (Mac OS X)

    The OS X screen saver supports RSS, which let's you pull in images from any website that also supports RSS. This makes it easy to have a screen saver that always shows the latest images you have saved on Wookmark.

    You can access your RSS feed via your profile page. At the bottom of the info box (in the top left of the page), find the RSS icon (looks like a series of arcs). Right-click the icon and select "Copy link". Find the "Screen saver" settings in your "System Preferences" panel on your Mac. Click the small plus icon, and in the resulting drop-down, select "RSS feed". Paste in the feed, click OK, and you should see your Wookmark images show up in the preview.

For other questions and suggestions, reach out at [email protected] We love hearing from you.