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    An updated look for Wookmark was rolled out today. Technology changes so fast and it was time to bring things up-to-par with today's expectations. While all the visual elements were refined, only a few things have changed as far as the content goes. So hopefully you will find your way around as usual. Here are a few key changes.

    Side Menu
    This menu now contains a list of your groups, so you can easily access them from any page, without having to go through your profile page first. You can also create new groups right in the sidebar.

    Top-level information
    Pages for people, groups, etc have always shown some top-level information as to what the page is about (name of a group, user profile info, etc). Previously this information was in a box that fit right in-line with the image grid. While this made for a very clean overall layout, it just wasn't clear what you are looking at when you land on a page. That information is now in a box that stretches the full width of the top of the page. It's easier to use.

    Going with the times, Wookmark is now flatter and skinnier. I think it's an appropriate look that allows the interface to stay out of the way and keep the focus on the images. Icons fonts, retina support and responsive images should ensure a great visual experience. There are still areas to be refined and more pages to be updated (such as settings and help pages). So keep your eye out for more.

    What's next
    This update required a lot of changes under the hood. Whenever this happens, it's good to take a short break and ensure that everything still works as it should. The next steps are already planned out though. First, the mobile site will get the same visual refresh. Then, it's on to some new features for teams and easier collaboration. Talking to people, and reading through the incoming feedback, it's clear that many of you want to do more with groups and that working together is not convenient enough. So let's make this happen.

    Thank you
    Thanks for using Wookmark. I hope you enjoy the new updates. Feel free to reach out with questions and feedback at all times.

    Posted on 2014-09-28

    Design refresh

    This has been a long time in the works, and the new design refresh is 99% ready to be rolled out. The updated look will be simpler and more structured, and the visual focus will be more on the images and videos you have been saving. Since the beginning, the pristine, white interior of the MoMA has been an inspiration, and this update takes Wookmark one step closer. Look out for it in the next few days.

    Posted on 2014-07-30

    A new lightbox & other updates

    Wookmark lightbox update
    Now that the iPhone app is out the door (and you hopefully already tried it out), the website got a little more attention. There were quite a few behind-the-scenes changes to make things faster, and a more noticeable update to the lightbox. All the information in the lightbox is now closer together instead of being spread out in all corners of your browser. Instead of an "Add note" button there's now always an input field readily awaiting your thoughts. So it should be much snappier and quicker now to use the site, and I hope you enjoy using it.

    Posted on 2013-07-30

    The iPhone App is now available

    Wookmark iPhone App
    The app is finally available for iPhone. Try it out, and let me know what you think.

    This has been really fun to develop and test. The app has most of the functionality of the website, and the few features that didn't make it into this first version will be added with future updates.

    View Wookmark in the App Store

    Posted on 2013-07-17

    iPhone App coming soon

    Smart phones are the future. 2 million new smart phones are activated every day. Soon we'll all be sitting in the park staring at our phones instead of being chained to our desks at home. To keep up with changing times, I've spent a good amount of time building a mobile website for Wookmark over the past 6 months. That way, everybody with a phone can use Wookmark, no matter what type of phone they have. Now it's time to step things up with an iPhone app. If you're an Android lover, you might ask why iPhone first? The answer is because 67% of people who use Wookmark from their phones use iPhones.

    The app has been in the works for about 5 weeks and was just rolled out to the first testers. Their feedback has been good, so hopefully I can wrap it up soon and make it available to everybody in the App Store. If there's anything particular you'd like to see in a Wookmark iPhone app, feel free to reach out.

    Posted on 2013-05-07


    Just a quick update that you can use hashtags in notes now. Just add a "#" to any word (such as "#food", "portrait" or "#illustration") and it will become a hashtag once you post your note. It's a nice extra way to organize images without cluttering up your groups. Clicking a hashtag takes you to a page with all the images that are tagged with it. As usual, this is the first version of this feature and it will evolve over time with your input.

    Posted on 2013-03-29

    Explore images by color

    Wookmark color picker
    If you haven't seen it yet, check out the new Colors page, it let's you easily see images with up to three colors you can pick. Colors have been a big part of Wookmark since the beginning. First, each image is analyzed for the 10 most used colors. That palette is used on each image page to show you images with similar colors. And then you can also click on any color swatch and see images that use it. Now, with the new picker, you have even more flexibility.

    The bigger picture of these options is to provide many ways to explore and dive into all the great content on Wookmark. An image added a year ago can be just as interesting as one uploaded today, so these options are important to make this big repository of things easy to browse. Color is one of the most playful parts of Wookmark, we got lots of good feedback on it, and so I wanted to provide you with this dedicated page just for color exploration. Let me know what you think.

    Posted on 2013-03-04

    Goals for 2013

    Wookmark is now ten times as big as a year ago, and it's become a very diverse, colorful community. A year ago, I knew every single user and pretty much every image on the site. Now I can hop on every day and discover something new. This change was very exciting to observe and I'd like to say a big thank you to all the people who make this place special. 2012 was about turning Wookmark from a small side project into a fully-functional web-service and community.

    Wookmark Plus, the mobile site, browser-plugins, moderation tools, video support, Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter integration and various other things were added in 2012. Many of the big pieces are in place, and much of 2013 will be about revisiting every part of the experience and making it better, smarter, more fun, and easier to use. Here are some of the big milestones for this year.

    Revising Wookmark Plus
    Wookmark Plus is already a very useful set of extra features, but it need some refinements. We've gotten some excellent feedback and also have a few of our own ideas on how to improve Wookmark Plus. A big focus of this push will be to add extra privacy and smart notification features to make it easier to collaborate with friends, clients and co-workers. Wookmark is in equal parts a useful personal tool, and a community experience, so striking the balance between the two will be important.

    Smartphones are the future of casual Internet use, and we certainly want to be part of that. The mobile website is currently being revised to offer a more app-like experience. Simply pull up on your phone and you get the mobile-optimized site. Doing a mobile site first (instead of apps) has a bunch of advantages. The big thing is that we can reach all 1 billion people in the world with smartphones at once, instead of having to limit us to Android (550 million), iPhone (200 million), Blackberry, Windows mobile, etc. It's also much easier and quicker to update. So what we're doing is to build an app-like mobile web-site to refine the interface, and once that's done, build specific apps later (can't wait to get to that point).

    Beyond all the technical and design improvements, Wookmark is a community of people. Our hope is to nourish a highly democratic place that is really a reflection of the people that use it. So the biggest priority will always be to make sure everybody has a good time. I truly hope that in 10 years we can all still visit this place and find inspiration from friends and strangers.

    Posted on 2013-01-10

    A note on spam

    Wookmark has grown and evolved nicely this year, and when a community grows it typically attracts people trying to take advantage of it. We've seen a steady increase in this behavior, typically people using automated scripts to create fake accounts and content. It's very disrespectful towards us running Wookmark, and especially to the members of the community, and so we take it very serious. Several systems are in place to prevent spam, and they are constantly evolving, as new attacks come in. If you see fake account or content, please use the "Flag" button or report to us directly, and we'll investigate the issue. Wookmark is a place for real people with real interests and personalities, and we want to keep it that way.

    One website I'd like to call out is They created fake accounts and used automated scripts to submit hundreds of images and comments from their own website within a few minutes. All of them link back to their website, where they make money from visitors through advertising. After investigating them, we found out they do the same for similar image-sharing sites. They were very clumsy and left plenty of traces for us to find out what they are doing. We contacted them directly about this. After we did not get a response and saw more spam from their fake accounts, we then deleted all images from their site, as well as their accounts. is also blocked from any further submissions, and we reported them to those other websites where we also identified their behavior.

    There have been various incidents like these, many involving Chinese companies trying to flood Wookmark with tons of images of iPhone cases and wedding dresses. Another incident this week involved somebody creating hundreds of fake accounts, most likely in order to sell them or to create fake content in the future. All of these things will shut down immediately, and we've gotten pretty good at identifying them quickly.

    Most of you will never know about these things since it really only affects people who want to abuse and take advantage of Wookmark. But if you come across spam, rest assured that it's not acceptable and feel free to report it to us. That way this little community can stay an inspiring and
    fun place.

    Posted on 2012-12-22

    Faster, better & easier

    Wookmark has received many small updates over the past few weeks that have hopefully improved your experience.

    We always keep an eye on the fundamentals, like speed. So we spend time on optimizing the time it takes to load pages and jump from one image to another.

    Search is now more powerful with extra sort and filter options. You can choose to only search popular images, or even just images saved to your own account. Group and people search has now dedicated pages, so it's easier to look through your findings.

    Every image on Wookmark comes with a lot of different information. If we tried to show it all, the site would be really hard to use. So as you browse the site, we try to pick out information about images that could be of interest to you. For example, when somebody you follow has saved an image, their name will always be displayed in full ("Saved by Pete and Mike"), while other people's names are collapsed ("Saved by 2 people"). This applies to quite a few things, and by giving everybody their personal window into Wookmark, we hope to provide a much better experience.

    Integration with third paries
    To properly give credit to the amazing people who create all the great content on Wookmark, we added various integrations with services like Etsy, Behance, Dribbble, and others. So when an images is saved from one of those services, we retrieve the original title and name of the author and show them on Wookmark. This gives proper context for Wookmark users, and honors creators.

    The mobile site has received various updated and will continue to be tweaked. The goal is to refine the mobile site first, and once it's at a good point, built mobile apps for iPhone and Android on the same design. We're looking extremely forward to get to that point.

    Outside of these bigger things, we constantly make small tweaks to make Wookmark as amazing as possible. We love getting feedback and always try to consider it when figuring out what to do next. So feel free to reach out any time.

    Posted on 2012-10-30